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This series aims to create a greater awareness of the gendered nature of the economic, political, social, and cultural processes associated with globalization, in particular the increasing flow of capital, labor, and information across national boundaries. Books in the Gender and Globalization series will examine not only formal, state-based mechanisms such as law where injustices associated with globalization processes have been addressed, but also the informal, everyday means deployed by men and women to cope with, accommodate, redress, and resist the changed lifestyles and injustices associated with globalization.

Cover for the book: Modernizing Marriage

Modernizing MarriageFamily, Ideology, and Law in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Egypt

Cover for the book: Bodies That Remember

Bodies That RememberWomen's Indigenous Knowledge and Cosmopolitanism in South Asian Poetry

Cover for the book: Imperial Citizen

Imperial CitizenMarriage and Citizenship in the Ottoman Frontier Provinces of Iraq