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Tablet praises Rozenbaumas’s The Odyssey of an Apple Thief

Tablet reviewer Rokhl Kafrissen calls The Odyssey of an Apple Thief  “a remarkably compelling read.” The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research will host a book launch for The Odyssey of an Apple Thief on March 2, 2020 at 7 p.m. The evening will also feature readings from the book by Yuri Venedyapin and musical performances by violinist and singer Eléonore Biezunski, Yuri Venedyapin (guitar, vocals), and Ilan Moss (accordion) including songs in Yiddish, Russian, and French.

The Slave Yards in Book Riot

Book Riot calls Najwa Bin Shatwan’s novel The Slave Yards a “challenging, powerful story of people trying to survive through some of life’s harshest conditions. It captures a time and place with nuance and care.” Read the full review here.

Veterans Writing Award Reading and Book Talk

Join us for the Veterans Writing Award reading and book talk. November 12, 2020 4 p.m. Tobias Wolff, award-winning novelist, short story writer, Vietnam veteran and former Syracuse University faculty member who will share his impressions of Revolutions of All Colors and why he selected it to win the inaugural award. Dewaine Farria, winner of the Veterans Writing award, who holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, served in the US Marine Corps and then the United Nations Department of Safety and Security. Kicia Sears, IVMF Program Evaluation Manager, and Syracuse Stage Associate Artistic Director and…