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Syracuse University Press invites new manuscripts for consideration in our Sports and Entertainment series. The series focuses on the study of sport across myriad disciplines and in public life, and to date has published books that examine sport from historical, sociological, political, economic, gender, and literary approaches. We seek projects that analyze the internal histories of particular sports, and also cutting edge scholarship that explores the relationship between sport and such social and cultural variables as business, education, government, international relations, journalism, media, ethnicity, and race.

Building on the growth of the study of sports in recent decades, these books bridge the gap between academic scholarship and general readers. As such, the series will include anthologies, texts, translations, reissues of seminal and out-of-print modern classics, works of literature and non-fiction, and other books primarily intended for the general reader.

Cover for the book: Tarnished Rings

Tarnished RingsThe International Olympic Committee and the Salt Lake City Bid Scandal, Revised Edition

Cover for the book: Fit for America

Fit for AmericaMajor John L. Griffith and the quest for Athletics and Fitness

Cover for the book: Legends Never Die

Legends Never DieAthletes and their Afterlives in Modern America