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Celebrating twenty-five years of groundbreaking scholarship, this series offers a wide variety of volumes about American television programming. The series includes books about individual shows, specific genres, creators and producers, and the history of the medium. Interview collections, anthologies, and newly updated classics, such as the widely course-adopted Watching TV, are also included in the series. Books in the series have won honors such as the Popular Culture Association Board of Governors Award and the Theatre Historical Society of America’s Outstanding Book of the Year Award.

Since its founding, the series has expanded its field of interest to include works on other subjects in American popular culture and mass entertainment as well, including vaudeville, comics, movies, and radio broadcasting. We welcome proposals addressing all issues in television and popular culture, including the impacts of Netflix, Amazon, web streaming and web series, commercials (or the lack thereof), and graphic novels.

Cover for the book: Framework

FrameworkA History of Screenwriting in the American Film, Third Edition

Cover for the book: TV Creators

TV CreatorsConversations with America's Top Producers of Television Drama

Cover for the book: Gen X TV

Gen X TVThe Brady Bunch to Melrose Place