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Syracuse University Press’s interdisciplinary series is dedicated to the dissemination of theoretically informed scholarship dealing with important trends and episodes in the Middle East and North Africa since the eighteenth century. The aim of the series is to transcend conventional accounts, interpretations and explanations, and to integrate Middle Eastern studies into the mainstream of conceptual controversies in the social sciences. Particular attention will be devoted to viewpoints and perspectives that originate in the region itself or that reflect regional attitudes and sensibilities. To this end, we encourage the translation of academic and intellectual treatises written in the languages of the Middle East and North Africa.

The series invites manuscripts that fall within the following broadly defined topics: critical historiography of the Middle East and North Africa; Middle Eastern encounters with modernity; legacies of imperialism, colonialism and globalization; regional international relations and foreign policy; dynamics of state formation and national identity creation; contentious politics and popular mobilization; genesis and evolution of political parties and civic organizations; modern Islamic philosophical and political discourse; biographies of prominent intellectual and political figures.

Cover for the book: Sayyid Qutb

Sayyid QutbAn Intellectual Biography