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This series focuses on literary, musical, and artistic expressions of modern Jewish life, and has benefited from the guidance of editor Ken Frieden, the B.G. Rudolph Professor of Judaic Studies at Syracuse University, since 1994. The series publishes books that bridge the gap between academic scholarship and general readers.

Our list includes groundbreaking critical studies by Naomi Brenner, Karen Grumberg, and Dan Miron; vibrant literary works in translation, such as the anthology of Classic Yiddish Stories and Vilna My Vilna: Stories by Abraham Karpinowitz; and memoirs like Reuben Iceland’s From Our Springtime. Studies in music and art include such titles as Sholom Kalib’s The Musical Tradition of the Eastern European Synagogue and Matthew Baigell’s Social Concern and Left Politics in Jewish American Art, 1880-1940. The Judaic Traditions series welcomes original manuscripts pertaining to modern Hebrew and Yiddish writing, European and American Judaic literature, Jewish music, art, architecture, and film.

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