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Syracuse University Press’s Gender, Culture, and Politics in the Middle East series focuses on gender as a category of analysis and as a process, in the study of the Middle East. The series examines the implications of political, social, and cultural developments in the region for women, men, and gender relations.

The books in this path breaking series are cross-cultural in scope and address some of the major issues being debated in the field today. We are particularly interested in texts that reflect the complexity of these issues and illuminate conflicts and contention rather than gloss over them. Among the issues to be addressed are:

Women, Gender, and Islam
Women’s Rights and Social/Political Movements
Gender, Work, and Development
Gender, the State, and Civil Society
Representations of Middle Eastern Women in Media and the Arts
Men and Masculinity
Feminism and the Politics of Identity
Women’s Movements and Feminism

The series seeks to capture the origins of contemporary debates around gender and power in the Middle East as a whole while paying attention to particularities and differences within the region.

Cover for the book: Istanbul Appearances

Istanbul AppearancesBeauty and the Making of Middle-Class Femininities in Urban Turkey

Cover for the book: Sumud

SumudBirth, Oral History, and Persisting in Palestine

Cover for the book: Anxiety of Erasure

Anxiety of ErasureTrauma, Authorship, and the Diaspora in Arab Women's Writings

Cover for the book: Unveiling Men

Unveiling MenModern Masculinities in Twentieth-Century Iran

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